Amy Baltes, RD

Amy Baltes is a registered dietitian, American College of Sports medicine Health and Fitness Instructor and avid runner in Chicago Illinois.

Amy owns her own business, FitNut4Life, and has special training in functional nutrtion. She offers individual patient and family counseling, nutrition classes, cooking demos, corporate consultations, telehealth, wellness lectures, grocery store tours and professional seminars.  She is the primary consulting dietitian for the Equilibrium Personal Training studio in Barrington, IL.  Her mission is to help people become healthy by embracing the power of food.  Amy gives down to earth recommendations on how to make better food choices, meal planning, getting to a healthy body weight, balancing hormones, the use of alternative supplements, empowering and educating you on the concept of whole food nutrition and exercise.  Her biggest passion is exercising with, cooking for and taking care of her husband and three beautiful children.

The mission of Fitnut4Life is to specialize in health and wellness from the inside out, while getting to know the underlying causes of why health challenges exist.  A comprehensive, balanced approach allows nutritional counseling with Amy Baltes RD, LDN to be a unique and highly effective experience.  Amy works with all age groups and many nutritionally influenced conditions, including, but not limited to: weight challenges, digestive disorders, allergies, metabolic concerns, cancer, heart disease, Diabetes, ADD/ADHD, mood imbalances, immune and autoimmune conditions, hormonal imbalances, environmental toxicities, and skin disorders.

Amy is excited to continue to help people thrive in all facets of their lives.  The vision of FitNut4Life, while partnering with Sub 5 Performance Center, is to provide complete wellness through individualized therapies and optimal nutrition.  Individuals will obtain the tools and health information needed to feel empowered and in charge of their present, and future, longevity, allowing for each person to obtain the highest quality of life!

Equilibrium Personal Training Studio

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Are you wondering if personal training is for you? As long as you’re ready to change, the answer is YES. You can never be too out of shape, too young, too old, or too “cool” to start working with a personal trainer. Our client’s age range extends anywhere from early teens to seniors well into their seventies. Their lifestyles vary as much as their age does, including:

  • Individuals post Physical Therapy looking to rebuild their strength and stamina

  • High school athletes looking to excel at their sport

  • New moms looking to get back in shape after pregnancy

  • Grandparents who need more strength and energy to keep up with their grandchildren

  • People who simply want to build muscle or lose weight and tone up

  • Business professionals who are on a tight schedule

  • Beginner runners or triathletes who want to gain a competitive edge

  • Experienced athletes who want to continue to compete and dominate their sport

We could go on but then we’d be writing a book. The bottom line is that we help very different people with various goals every single day. If we haven’t come across someone like you with your specific fitness goals, then we will happily accept the challenge and figure out the answer and guide you to the outcome you’re looking for. We are here to help you, but first you must answer the question — Are YOU ready to change?

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Stacey Tyrken

Stacey Tyrken is Health Educator who received her Community Health Education degree from Illinois State University.  She was formerly employed by the Lake County Health Department where she educated school aged children in a Life Skills program.  Stacey has been a Wellness Coordinator with FitNut4life since 2009.

Stacey is a busy wife and mother of 3 beautiful young daughters.  She is passionate about healthy clean eating, enjoys getting her children involved in preparing home cooked well-balanced meals and is an avid runner.

Stacey is excited to bring her Wellness Coordinator skills to the FitNut4Life team.  She is enthusiast about getting the word out and assisting others in their quest to live their best possible quality of life.